The Little Engine That Could
An Editorial
By Kerri Snowdin

As we begin another new year, I gratefully reflect on the support we continue to receive in producing this local newspaper, month after month, year after year.

As many people all over the world prepare to celebrate the new year, we at The Coopersville Observer are taking time to contemplate. Today, I invite you to join us as we continue to bring people together by helping to build up and inform each other. We want to continue to show our support, and to give much needed hope to others in our communities.

This February, 2022, the Observer will be celebrating its 26th year in publication. A milestone, yes, indeed. But we cannot begin the celebration until we thank all of you who have made yet another year possible. Not only is it our anniversary time but it is that time of year to give thanks to our neighbors, friends and family, and we want to let you know how grateful we are to you and your generous support of The Observer. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you.

Our staff is committed to reporting the life events of our citizens, as well as what is happening among local government, schools, churches, businesses and organizations. I believe that as long as we provide a product that informs the community of the important things that happen in our area, while offering advertisers the chance to build their businesses, then we have accomplished our goal for another year. We have once again shown we can be, “The Little Engine That Could.”

The last couple of years have been full of change and often uncertainty. But through it all The Observer has worked to keep one thing constant – providing you with a local, hometown newspaper, filled with trusted news and the celebration of the “good” that is happening all around us. Especially when we are being bombarded daily with negative, sometimes controversial conversations everywhere we look. We hope to be a beacon of light – the locomotive headlamp, if you will. Even in the dimmest of times, the Coopersville area has shown the power of community and we love being the messenger for so many of you.

This time of year, I send my heartfelt thanks to our dedicated advertisers. Many of you have advertised with us from day one. You truly are the backbone of our support system that we really do rely on, issue after issue.

We need to also thank our readers and contributors. In this community we rally together with support, prayers, and even fundraisers when one of us have fallen ill or suffered a tragedy. I love that about this place we call home.

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our volunteer subscribers who donate during our Volunteer Donation Drive which is just beginning for the 2022 year. You, your kind notes and your monetary gifts have convinced us that our citizenship depends on us. You encourage us and keep us moving down the right track during the slow times of the year, which are fast approaching. Your gifts truly helped us last year and I hope we can count on you again.

This past year – like so many others before – our postage rates have continued to rise, becoming our largest overhead cost to date. The second largest cost that we have incurred with each issue is from our printer. With the ever-increasing price of paper, that cost has also increased a few different times in 2021. It was your advertising dollars throughout the year and your volunteer donations that were made at the beginning of the year that kept us in business. You kept us from derailing so many times.

You have been so generous in the past and we are deeply grateful for your support. Please consider making a Volunteer Donation again to help us continue through 2022. Every single contribution helps!

If you so desire, please find a Volunteer Subscription form below. And please mail to: The Observer, P.O. Box 111, Coopersville, MI 49404.

In closing, the staff of The Observer and I wish you a wonderful 2022, filled with good health, new dreams, hopes, experiences and joys.

Kerri Snowdin, Publisher

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